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Hazards to your pet


• Ingesting human medicines

Some examples include Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen, Percocet, Naproxen, cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine, and thyroid and heart medications.

• Ingesting poison of any type

Some examples include poisons for rodents, insects, and weeds.

• Ingesting household cleaners

Chemicals in many cleaners can cause organ shutdown, including bleach, ammonia and detergents.

• Ingesting trash

Cleaners, poisons, bones, and other trash will cause problems

• Chewing on electrical cords can cause electrocution

May cause problems from neurological disorders to death.

• Ingesting plastic bags, rubber bands, string and coins are among the items which can harm or kill your pet.

• Ingesting plants & flowers

May cause symptoms ranging from vomiting to death.

• Ingesting certain foods

Can cause problems ranging from vomiting to death. Some of these include chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, bread dough with yeast, and garlic.

• Being overfed can lead to health problems

Including placing too much weight on the joints, stress on the heart, problems breathing, and more.


• Inadequate fencing

May lead to being hit by a car, running away, being poisoned, succumbing to hot or cold temperatures, or may lead to the following:

• Being exposed to outdoor hazards
• Lawn edging (cut paws), antifreeze (may cause kidney failure), ice (cut paws), ice melting salt not labeled for use with pets can burn skin and harm internal organs.

• Being left outside unattended

May be hit by a car, run away, be poisoned, succumb to hot or cold temperatures (drinking water will freeze, they need shade)

• Eating items such as plants, rocks, wood, paintballs and more

Will lead to problems ranging from vomiting to emergency surgery to death.

• Coming in contact with other animals

Dogs, cats, skunks, porcupines, prairie dogs, mountain lions, and mosquitoes may cause problems including fight wounds, contracting diseases such as heartworm and parvo, and death.

• Hazards with vehicles

May be hit by a ca; if riding in the back of a truck, may fall out; and may succumb to heat or cold if left in a vehicle.


• Not being trained properly

Many animals are euthanized yearly due to bad behavior, which is completely preventable.

• Not getting proper preventative care

Pets need yearly exams, vaccines, dental procedures, heartworm testing and preventative, flea and tick preventative, and annual bloodwork.  Your veterinarian can catch problems early and prevent them all together.

• Not wearing identification tags

If your pet gets lost and does not have a tag or microchip to identify it, you may never see him or her again.

Holiday Hazards

Keep your pets away from the following:  tinsel, ornaments, Christmas tree food, small toys, Easter grass, candy, balloons, candles, fireworks, ribbons, and Halloween pranksters.


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