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Pets for Patriots

Pets & Friends Animal Hospital is proud to partner with Pets for Patriots!

Pets for Patriots

Pets for PatriotsWhat is Pets For Patriots?

They are a not-for-profit charitable organization which creates unique opportunities for members of the military community to save a life by honorably adopting homeless adult dogs and cats.

They support member Patriot adoptions of adult shelter pets, large dogs and special needs animals – those most in need of a loving, forever home – from any of their member shelters. To ease the financial costs associated with pet ownership, they partner with veterinarians to deliver a minimum 10% discount for the life of the adopted pet's care. Pets for Patriots provides access to additional cost reductions for pet basics, such as food, toys and essential supplies.

They are determined to make the joys of adult pet ownership achievable and affordable for the men and women of the U.S. military, ensuring many years of friendship, companionship and joy. Pets for Patriots holds dear the ability to liberate adult shelter animals from near certain death and the chance to show gratitude to our country's patriots by providing them with a new best friend.

What is Pets & Friends' Role?

As a partner with Pets for Patriots, Pets & Friends Animal Hospital supports the adoption of adult shelter pets and honors our country’s loyal service members. Pets & Friends gives a 10% discount to pets adopted by Pets for Patriots members.

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